Asian American Hipster Rhetoric

March 22, 2019 AndreaP1224

The article is about the Fung Brothers, David and Andrew, who are of Chinese American descent, that make YouTube videos that primarily target the Asian American and Asian community. Their videos also target non-Asian people as well. Their videos have a main focus of Asian American culture, and what it is like to be the child of Asian immigrants.

In relation to the in-class discourse, this article about the Fung brothers utilizes rhetoric to reach out to a community (Asian-American) to give them something to relate too. They use humor, discuss culture which includes music and food and they educate the viewers on their experiences. In-class, we define rhetoric as a way of talking. To elaborate, how we talk about different topics and why are we talking about it in that manner, is how we define rhetoric. The Fung brother’s rhetoric is used for Asian American people (primarily the millennial group) so they can have representation on a social media platform and they can have something to relate to. Their rhetoric is also used for Asians, because they can have a perspective on what it is like to be the American children of immigrants and how sometimes, it can be challenging because standards in America are different from standards in Asia. Lastly, the Fung brothers rhetoric can be used for educational purposes for non-Asians who may be curious about Asian culture and who may be ignorant to what it’s like to be the child of immigrants or to be an immigrant.

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  • 1. Eunjeong Lee  |  March 25, 2019 at 12:34 am

    You’re right that Fung brothers are reaching out to different audiences, but this rhetoric itself is doing something, which seems to be less taken up in your post. So why is their rhetoric particularly meaningful (as the authors argue)? What does the authors’ analysis tell you about the way we understand rhetorical act? For instance, if the rhetors (aka communicators who are in a rhetorical situation) are white male college students, what changes in the way we appreciate the rhetoric is being made?

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