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February 18, 2019 AndreaP1224

My literacy sponsors are my mother, father and school. My mother provided me with a variety of books growing up. The books were Dr. Seuss and Alice in Bibleland. I’ve also read Sailor Moon Mangas that my parents bought me growing up. I remember my father driving me all the way to Barnes and Noble when I was younger just so he can purchase whatever books I wanted. In school, I’ve read primarily African American literature. Examples are: Bluford book series, Black Boy by Richard Wright, The Skin I’m in by Sharon G. Flake, Dope Sick by Walter Dean Myers, etc. Being exposed to mostly African American literature, it gave me a better understanding of my culture/race. But, it kept me pretty close minded. I say this because when it came time to read Shakespeare for the very first time in my second year of college, I felt out of place. This was not introduced to me during my years in school before college. This type of literature was considered too “White”  to read where I come from. Thankfully though, I read all races of people now and some of my favorite authors of all time are not just Black, but also White and even Latino/a. I even expanded my horizons and started reading more mangas outside of Sailor Moon, I just started reading Dragon Ball. I would like to explore more Asian literature as well. Reading literature from multiple perspectives is very mind opening and fun.

Basically, my mom exposed me to kids books: which inspired my love for illustrating cartoons and having a spontaneous imagination. School, from Kindergarten to 12th grade, exposed me to African American literature like 97% of the time: which helped in understanding my culture and race better. And college: has helped me look into more authors besides the ones who share the same skin color and race as skin me.

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